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 Shoti Maa Thee - Touch the ground

Shoti Maa Thee - Touch the ground

Shoti Maa Touch the ground 

Element: Aarde - Happy landings.

Ayurvedische kruiden- en specerijen thee met honeybush, anijs en salie.

Inhoud: 16 theezakjes

Als een boom wortelen we onszelf in ons leven en vertrouwen we op de kracht van de verbinding met de aarde. Met de geur van honeybush, aromatische salie en verfrissende werking van anijs vieren we het element aarde in deze Shoti Maa thee ‘Touch the Ground’.

Ingrediënten: Honeybush (20%), kaneel, anijs (14%), venkel, gember, koriander, salie (5%), lavendel bloemen, zwarte peper, kardamom, kruidnagel.


Shoti Maa schrijft over deze thee: "Modern life can send the mind reeling. So much, so much to keep track of. We could stand to get back the feeling of walking barefoot on the ground - to be connected to our mother Earth - to be Grounded. For Life.
This tea provides support and balance to the element of earth wich keeps us in touch with the physical world in which we live.
This is a great tea to use to avoid feeling spaced out or too airy."

The Elements

According to ancient wisdom, the five Elements are life's symbolic building blocks. To live a harmonious life, one must have all five in balance. How can we know where we stand? And how can we create that balance?

Take a few minutes to enjoy a lovely cup of tea, and experience the balancing effects of our line of Teas for the Elements.

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Ether - Joyful Silence : Holding the Space

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