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Shoti Maa Thee - Chakra 4 - Loving

Shoti Maa Thee - Chakra 4 - Loving

Shoti Maa Thee - Chakra 4 - Loving

Verbindt met het hartchakra ‘Anahata’ om emoties te ondersteunen en troost te ontvangen.

Ayurvedische kruiden- en specerijen thee met groene thee, kaneel & Earl Grey.

Inhoud: 16 theezakjes

Ingrediënten: groene thee Bancha (65%), kaneel (10%), anijs (5%), gerstemout, bergamot extract, vlierbloesem, kardemom, lindebloemen, gember, kaneel-extract, zwarte peper, kruidnagel.


Shoti Maa schrijft over deze thee: "Loving - The nature of the 4th Chakra is love and compassion. It is the point from which to both give and receive. 
We are connected through the heart. Whatever happens with you happens with me. We are ripples in the same sea."


I feel the Earth. This is the planet I was born to - I spring from it. If I wiggle my toes, I can squish the fertile soil.
It is no secret that the mental stress of modern life affects us. Shoti Maa ("little mother") is formulated to comfort your senses in different ways. Traditional and not-so-traditional herbs and spices are blended to give you an experience of meditative well-being. Seven fine brews from ayurvedic tradition and each delicious cup stimulates the energy centers in the body - chakras.

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